Lyrics – Rest In Peace (RIP)

Cloé Beaudoin / Cloé Beaudoin (SOCAN/BMI)

What happened to the world I live in
I guess it’s too much to understand
What have I done to deserve so much misery
Don’t ask me if I’ve lost it
Cause you know I’m not insane
Just a bit lost I swear

You ripped my heart out
How could you
Have killed some girl without a clue
Ripped my heart out
I guess it’s nothing new
Cause I can’t stand the pain
I wish I could rest in peace
With you tonight

I guess I’m left screaming in silence
Just hoping you could hear
My never-ending never-ending prayer
Held deep inside, inside you now?
Oh where’s this heart of mine?

Did you truly believe
That I could forget you, forget you
I wonder, I wonder if you can feel it too
Feel my pain
Free me, free me from this pain