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Cloé Beaudoin
Acoustic Pop⁄Rock
Vocals, guitar, and piano
Avril Lavigne, Three Days Grace, Flyleaf, The Fray,
Panic ! At The Disco, Apocalyptica, Paramore…

Audrina Cardinal

Cloé Beaudoin is a French Canadian singer⁄songwriter who was born on July 9th 1992 under the sign of Cancer. She’s the 2nd sibling in her family of 5 children, and she currently resides in Duhamel-Ouest , in a very small town in the Témiscamingue region of Québec.

Growing up, Cloé’s profound passion for music came from her dad, Erik who played the guitar, and sang his favourite tunes on holidays to entertain family. Her dad started accompanying her on stage at the tender age of 13. At 14, her parents bought her the guitar that soon became her very best friend.

Also at 14, Cloé wrote her first draft of a song. As a teenager, she used song writing as the number one way to express her state of mind, her repressed feelings against the injustices she was facing as a student in secondary school. She finds inspiration in her daily life, but also in everything that surrounds her. Like a line from a book, or images from a movie. She loves to carry out strong messages in her writing. That’s the way she’s chosen for her voice to be heard, and to be listened to.

In 2008, she decided to upload her very first covers on YouTube in the hopes of getting her own music heard. Her strategy definitely worked. Her first album Living In The Shadow (2009), and her Rest In Peace EP (2010) currently available on iTunes, and other download sites have been sold in more than 20 countries.

Today, Cloé has more than a hundred videos and and more than 2 500 000 views on YouTube.